Our goal from the very beginning has been to organize and produce a fantastic Mexican cultural production that celebrates Mexican culture with the original traditional music, beautiful dance & colorful spirits that Mexico is known for.

Beyond the day of the event itself, we also engage in a variety of music dance and cultural support in events year-round; to help inspire the next generation of musicians, dancers and performers. We hope by teaching and promoting this tradition, we will open a window to a new discipline for others to discover, and cultivate a desire to research and explore this art form.


The “Mexico en el Corazon” idea began with very minimal performers and a close to nothing budget. Since then we have grown exponentially and have performed for audiences of more than 9000 in attendance. As we grow and expand the production we have moved into larger cities and continue to demonstrate to the public the beauty of our Mexican culture.

Our productions include beautiful and very colorful folkloric ballet accompanied by a well known classic mariachi and world renown trick ropers.


Our production includes internationally known performers and is quickly becoming a major cultural attraction.


English: Tel 915-543-0881

Spanish: Tel  432-208-4477​

El Paso, TX 79925